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Our Heritage
In 1900 in Chicago, Samuel and Libby Cohen began what was to become the world's largest manufacturer of dinette sets: Douglas. After years of manufacturing in Chicago the family owned business moved to Southern California and eventually Mexico.

In 1905 Cochrane Furniture began as a wood products manufacturing plant producing mantels and showcases in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Fireplaces were the focal point of most homes, John Cochrane, the founder of the company believed every home should have a decorative mantel. In 1928 Cochrane Furniture Company was incorporated. By the mid 1990's Cochrane Furniture was known as a leader for manufacturing quality Solid Wood Dining, Bedroom and Upholstery furniture.

In 1908 the American Fixture and Manufacturing Company was incorporated in Missouri. In 1939, since chrome was the most common type of metal used and seeking additional markets the name was changed to Chromcraft. In 1955 Chromcraft was incorporated as a separate company. Out growing it's Missouri location, in 1961 the company was relocated to Senatobia, Mississippi. Chromcraft is credited as the first company to make a tilt-swivel dining room chairs and recognized as the industry leader in design, style, function and comfort in the casual dining market.

In 1946, T. L. Peters founded the Peters Manufacturing Company in Delphi, Indiana to produce novelty wall racks. A year later, George Revington joined the company, and in 1958, the company's name was changed to Peters-Revington. Peters-Revington became a leading manufacturer of moderately priced occasional furniture (tables, wall systems, entertainment consoles and curios) in the U.S.

In 1963 Mohasco purchased both Chromcraft, Peters-Revington and three other furniture manufacturers to become one of the largest Home Furnishings Companies in the world.

In 1992 Mohasco spun-off Chromcraft and Peters-Revington and Chromcraft Revington was formed. In 1996 Cochrane was acquired by Chromcraft Revington

In 2008 Arts and Crafts Industries a California Company, purchased the intellectual property and certain assets of Douglas.

In 2015 Arts and Crafts Industries purchased the intellectual property and certain assets of Chromcraft Revington and a new company; Chromcraft Revington Douglas Ind. Ltd (CRD) began.
 Our Company
CRD is comprised of the Chromcraft, Peters-Revington, Douglas and Cochrane furniture brands. CRD is headquartered in Ontario, California with manufacturing, warehouse and distribution operations in Sardis, Mississippi. We have additional warehouse and distribution operations for the Douglas and Cochrane brands in Ontario California.

CRD markets residential furniture, primarily in the U.S.A. We participate at the twice yearly, High Point Furniture Market, were we have a permanent showroom. We are represented by an independent sales force through out the US and Canada.

Our furniture brands are recognized through out the industry and with consumers throughout the country due to their long history for quality, styling and innovation.

Chromcraft - The industry leader in custom swivel-tilt, caster casual dining furniture offered in metal and wood.

Cochrane - A leader in solid wood casual dining and bedroom furniture

Douglas - A leader in promotional swivel-tilt casual dining in metal and wood.

Peters-Revington - Occasional furniture collections in wood and mixed media.

Our Business
CRD's business is focused on supplying quality furniture that complements and enhances the home environment. We work closely with or partners; domestic and overseas, to bring our dealers and their customers furniture that represent real values in the marketplace.

Chromcraft - made from a combination of imported and domestic parts, with "buckets" upholstered and assembled in Sardis, MS and shipped semi KD.

Cochrane - imported furniture that is shipped KD to our dealers

Douglas - made from imported parts and assembled in Sardis MS and shipped semi KD.

Peters-Revington - furniture that is imported and shipped KD to our dealers.

Our Mission
At CRD or mission is to help our customers grow their business through providing quality product and services.

Our customers deserve a reliable honest furniture supplier who will work with them with the greatest honesty, integrity and professionalism.

At CRD our Customers come first.

CRD maintains a high standard of integrity and is continually adapting to today's market place.

Operating internally and externally we expect a good work ethic throughout our business. We maintain high personal and professional ethical standards in our approach to all aspects of our business. This includes honesty in how we operate internally and externally, as well as the quality of our products and services.