Furniture Care
Proper care and cleaning of furniture preserves its beauty!
We suggest the following…

Wood Furniture
• Do not place your furniture over heating or air conditioning vents, in damp areas or in direct sunlight such as under a window.
• Avoid placing plastic, rubber or acrylic materials (stick-on feet, placemats, etc.) on your furniture since the chemicals in these products may react with the finish and cause severe damage. It is better to use a piece of felt or cloth under accessories that could scratch or dent the surface of your furniture.
• Place a protective pad on the surface of your furniture if you are using it as a writing surface. Pens and pencils can easily leave an imprint and mar the finish.
• Immediately wipe any moisture that may spill onto your furniture. Always rub with the grain. Water will cause whites spots in the finish in a short amount of time. Other liquids, such as finger nail polish & remover, alcohol, perfume, and medicines can severely damage the finish of furniture.
• Dust with a clean, lint-free, dry cloth. Applying a quality furniture polish every six months will also add to the life and beauty of your new furniture!

Wood Grained High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Table Tops
• Our decorative wood grained HPL table tops have been designed to provide the beauty of real wood without the daily worry or upkeep that comes with real wood.
• Wipe up spills with a soft cloth or sponge, HPL table tops require only a mild soap and water solution to keep your table top looking like new.
• The wood edge of the furniture top as well as the other wood parts of the furniture (drawer fronts, doors, shelves, legs) will require occasional polishing with a quality furniture polish to retain their beauty and the life of the furniture. As with all furniture; do not place furniture with HPL tops directly in sunlight as this may cause fading.
• While HPL top tables are virtually indestructible under normal everyday use, they can become damaged beyond repair with abuse. Avoid placing sharp objects on or using sharp instruments that can scratch or mar through the protective HPL surface.

Stone Surfaces
• Wipe up spills immediately.
• Clean with a mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

Metal Surfaces
• Dust with dry or slightly-dampened cloth or a vacuum cleaner brush.
• If soiled, wash with cloth or sponge wrung out of mild detergent and lukewarm water. Wipe with clean sponge or cloth wrung out of water. Wipe dry with cloth to avoid water spots.

• Rotate and flip the seat cushions weekly to increase their life. Fluff fiber backs and throw pillows weekly to keep materials evenly distributed to allow for more even wear over time.
• Vacuum weekly using a brush attachment to remove soil between fibers that can cause abrasion and wear.
• Place furniture in a location protected from heat, moisture and sunlight, as these elements may discolor upholstery.

— Assembly Instruction Sheets —

St. Augustine - DISCONT.
P871 Cocktail Table

P210711 Cocktail Table (condo)
P210723 Chairside Table
P210732 Chairside Cabinet
P210750 Sofa Table

P211011 Condo Cocktail Table
P211022 End Table
P211023 Chairside Table
P211050 Sofa Table

P212011 Cocktail Table (condo)
P212021 Cocktail Table
P212022 End Table
P212023 Chairside Table
P212032 Chairside Cabinet
P212050 Sofa / Media Console
P212081 Cocktail Table with Lift-Top

American Craftsman
P220811 Condo Cocktail
P220821 Standard Cocktail
P220822 End Table
P220823 Chairside Table
P220850 Sofa Table
P220851 Condo Console

P250118 Stool / Bench
P250121 Cocktail Table
P250122 End Table
P250123 Chairside Table
P250132 Chairside Cabinet
P250146 Ottoman Cocktail
P250150 Sofa Table

P250811 Cocktail Table (condo)
P250821 Cocktail Table
P250822 End Table
P250823 Chairside Table
P250850 Sofa Table
P250871 Cocktail Table with Lift-Top

P250911 Cocktail Table (condo)
P250921 Cocktail Table
P250922 End Table
P250923 Chairside Table
P250950 Sofa Table
P250971 Cocktail Table with Lift-Top

Shenandoah - DISCONT.
P251011 Cocktail Table
P251021 Cocktail Table (oval)
P251023 Chairside Table
P251032 Chairside Cabinet

P260521 Cocktail Table
P260522 End Table
P260523 Chairside Table
P260550 Sofa/Media Table

P260921 Cocktail Table
P260922 End Table
P260923 Chairside Table
P260950 Sofa Table

P270811 Cocktail Table (condo)
P270821 Cocktail Table
P270822 End Table
P270823 Chairside Table
P270850 Sofa Table
P270871 Cocktail Table with Lift-Top

P270921 Cocktail Table
P270922 End Table
P270923 Chairside Table
P270950 Sofa Table

P280121 Cocktail Table
P280150 Sofa Table

P280411 Cocktail Table (condo)
P280421 Cocktail Table
P280423 Chairside Table

P280811 Cocktail Table
P280822 End Table
P280823 Chairside Table
P280850 Sofa Table

P290411 Cocktail Table (condo)
P290421 Cocktail Table
P290422 End Table
P290423 Chairside Table
P290432 Chairside Cabinet
P290450 Sofa Table

P291911 Cocktail Table (condo)
P291921 Cocktail Table
P291922 End Table
P291923 Chairside Table
P291950 Sofa Table
P291971 Cocktail Table with Lift-Top

Urban Homemaker
3300-QPB 4-1 Queen Panel 3 Drawer Unit
3300-QPB 4-2 Queen Panel 6 Drawer Unit
3300-QPB 4-3 Queen Panel Headboard
3300-QPB 4-4 Queen Panel Footboard
3300-QPB KIT Queen Panel Kit
3301-EKPB 4-1 Eastern King Panel 3 Drawer Unit
3301-EKPB 4-2 Eastern King Panel 6 Drawer Unit
3301-EKPB 4-3 Eastern King Panel Headboard
3301-EKPB 4-4 Eastern King Panel Footboard
3301-EKPB KIT Eastern King Panel Kit
3303-QS 3-1 Queen Sleigh Headboard
3303-QS 3-2 Queen Sleigh Footboard
3303-QS 3-3 Queen Rails & Slats
3304-EKS 3-1 Eastern King Sleigh Headboard
3304-EKS 3-2 Eastern King Sleigh Footboard
3304-EKS 3-3 Eastern King Rails & Slats
3307-D 6 Drawer Dresser

Smokey Mountain Lodge
3700-QST-EKST Left/Right 3 Drawer Unit
3710-QFB Queen Footboard
3710-QHB Queen Headboard
3710-QPF Queen Panel Footboard
3710-QPH Queen Panel Headboard
3711-EKFB Eastern King Footboard
3711-EKHB Eastern King Headboard
3711-EKPF Eastern King Panel Footboard
3711-EKPH Eastern King Panel Headboard
3720-MR Mirror
3745-DC 5 Drawer Chest
3749-D 9 Drawer Dresser

4300-QPB 4-1 Queen Pedestal 3 Drawer Unit
4300-QPB 4-2 Queen Pedestal 6 Drawer Unit
4300-QPB 4-3 Queen Pedestal Headboard
4300-QPB 4-4 Queen Pedestal Footboard
4300-QPB KIT Queen Rail Kit
4301-EKPB 4-1 Eastern King Pedestal 3 Drawer Unit
4301-EKPB 4-2 Eastern King Pedestal 6 Drawer Unit
4301-EKPB 4-3 Eastern King Pedestal Headboard
4301-EKPB 4-4 Eastern King Pedestal Footboard
4301-EKPB KIT Eastern King Rail Kit
4303-QS 3-1 Queen Slat Headboard
4303-QS 3-2 Queen Slat Footboard
4303-QS 3-3 Queen Rails & Slats
4304-EKS 3-1 Eastern King Slat Headboard
4304-EKS 3-2 Eastern King Slat Footboard
4304-EKS 3-3 Eastern King Rails & Slats
4307-D 6 Drawer Dresser

5300-QPB 4-3 Queen Pedestal Headboard
5300-QPB 4-4 Queen Pedestal Footboard
5300-QPB/EKB 4-1 6 Drawer Unit
5301-EKPB 4-3 Eastern King Pedestal Headboard
5301-EKPB 4-4 Eastern King Pedestal Footboard
5303-QS 3-1 Queen Slat Headboard
5303-QS 3-2 Queen Slat Footboard
5303-QS/EK 3-3 Side Rails (queen/king)
5304-EK 3-1 Eastern King Slat Headboard
5304-EK 3-2 Eastern King Slat Footboard
5307-D 6 Drawer Dresser
5308-MR Landscape Mirror
5380-FPB 4-3 Full Pedestal Headboard
5380-FPB 4-4 Full Pedestal Footboard
5380-FPB/TPB 4-1 6 Drawer Unit

Contempo II
5400-QPB 4-3 Queen Pedestal Headboard
5400-QPB 4-4 Queen Pedestal Footboard
5400-QPB/EKB 4-1 6 Drawer Unit
5401-EKPB 4-3 Eastern King Pedestal Headboard
5401-EKPB 4-4 Eastern King Pedestal Footboard
5403-QS 3-1 Queen Slat Headboard
5403-QS 3-2 Queen Slat Footboard
5403-QS/EK 3-3 Side Rails (queen/king)
5404-EK 3-1 Eastern King Slat Headboard
5404-EK 3-2 Eastern King Slat Footboard
5407-D 6 Drawer Dresser
5408-MR Landscape Mirror
5480-FPB 4-3 Full Pedestal Headboard
5480-FPB 4-4 Full Pedestal Footboard
5480-FPB/TPB 4-1 6 Drawer Unit

6000-QST 4-3 Queen Panel Headboard
6000-QST 4-4 Queen Panel Footboard
6000-QST/EKST 4-1 Left/Right 3 Drawer Unit
6001-EKST 4-3 Eastern King Panel Headboard
6001-EKST 4-4 Eastern King Panel Footboard
6005-MR Landscape Mirror
6013-QST/EKST Non-Storage Bed Rails

Beaver Creek
BC107W24RB Slat Back Stool (buttermilk)
BC107W24RE Slat Back Stool (ebony)
BC107WRB Slat Back Side Chair (buttermilk)
BC107WRE Slat Back Side Chair (ebony)
BC2B0036RB Table Legs: Counter Height (buttermilk)
BC2B0036RE Table Legs: Counter Height (ebony)
BC2BXRB High/Low Pedestal (buttermilk)
BC2BXRE High/Low Pedestal (ebony)
BC2C3648RB Drop-Leaf Table (buttermilk)
BC2C3648RE Drop-Leaf Table (ebony)
BC2C3660RB Leg Table (buttermilk)
BC2C3660RE Leg Table (ebony)
BC2T38102RB Table Top (buttermilk)
BC2T38102RE Table Top (ebony)
BC2T3878RB Leg Table (buttermilk)
BC2T3878RE Leg Table (ebony)
BC2T4257RB Single Pedestal Table (buttermilk)
BC2T4257RE Single Pedestal Table (ebony)

Cimarron Canyon
CC107F24R Slat Back Stool
CC107FR Slat Back Chair
CC107W24R Slat Back Stool
CC107WR Slat Back Chair
CC2B3878R Table Legs
CC2BXR High/Low Pedestal Base
CC2T3648R Round Table Top
CC2T3878R Leg Table Top
CC2T4260R Round Table Top
CC2T44114R Double Pedestal Table Top
CC48BR Upholstered Bench

Casual Home
CH104W01E2BD Napoleon Side Chair
CH104W01E2DW Napoleon Side Chair
CH104W01E2ED Napoleon Side Chair
CH104W24F2BD Napoleon Stool
CH104W24F2ED Napoleon Stool
CH107W01E2BD Urbandale Side Chair
CH107W01E2DW Urbandale Side Chair
CH107W01E2ED Urbandale Side Chair
CH2B425712DW Single Pedestal Base
CH2B425712EB Single Pedestal Base
CH2T425712BD Pedestal Table
CH2T425712DW Pedestal Table
CH2T425712ED Pedestal Table

Suburban Home
SH105F01E2CT Slat Back Chair
SH105F01E2NM Slat Back Chair
SH105F24F2CT Stool
SH105W01E2CT Slat Back Chair
SH105W01E2NM Slat Back Chair
SH2B425712CT Single Pedestal Base
SH2B425712NM Single Pedestal Base
SH2T425712CN Table Top
SH2T425712CT Table Top
SH2T425712NM Table Top

JR Dining
17202 Slat Back Chair
17206 X-Back Chair
17208 Contemporary Chair
17240 Bench
17442 Drop-Leaf Leg Table
17448 Harvest Drop-Leaf Leg Table
17460 Square-Round Table Top
17478 Trestle Table Top
17650 Server
17802 Slat Back Stool
17806 X-Back Stool
17808 Contemporary Stool

Beach House
25057 High/Low Pedestal Base
25078 Table Legs: Standard Height
25212 Slat Back Side Chair
25248 Leg Bench
25402 Trestle Table Top
25457 Round Table Top
25478 Leg Table Top
25650 Server
25812 Slat Back Stool

Beach House Light
27057 High/Low Pedestal Base
27078 Table Legs: Standard Height
27212 Slat Back Side Chair
27248 Leg Bench
27457 Round Table Top
27478 Leg Table Top
27650 Server
27812 Slat Back Stool